Jesus Born As A Baby Preached As A Child Killed As A Man Arose As A Victor Canvas Prints

Jesus Born As A Baby Preached As A Child Killed As A Man Arose As A Victor Coming As A King Canvas Prints

The first image of this canvas prints is: witness the gentle depiction of the birth of Jesus, a sacred event that marks the appearance of the Savior in the lowly manger. Soft colors and soft light evoke the magic and reverence of that holy night.
Moving along the picture, observe the young Jesus as he imparted wisdom after many years, teaching and guiding with compassion and authority. These scenes of his teaching are testament to his divine nature and the profound impact he had on those who heard his words.
Moving on to a pivotal moment, the painting melancholy depicts the crucifixion of Jesus, an act of sacrifice that embodies boundless love and the fulfillment of his redemptive mission. The description echoes with the weight of his sacrifice and the promise of salvation.
But the story does not end in grief. The painting seamlessly transitions to depict a triumphant resurrection, symbolizing Jesus' victory over death and the eternal hope his resurrection offers to all who believe.
Finally, the majestic portrait of Jesus as the coming King symbolizes his promised powerful return. The image exudes anticipation and majesty, inviting viewers to contemplate the future moment when Jesus will reign as Sovereign King, ushering in his eternal kingdom.
Every brushstroke and detail in this design has been meticulously crafted to highlight important milestones in Jesus' life. Rich colors, intricate textures, and thoughtful compositions invite you to reflect on Jesus' extraordinary journey – from his humble birth to his upcoming reign as King of Christ. all species.
"The Life and Legacy of Jesus: From Birth to Kingship" is more than just a print on canvas; it's a visual adventure of faith, an homage to Christ's enduring message, and the embodiment of inspiration for those seeking to connect deeply with the divine. Display this masterpiece with pride in your home, church, or sacred place and let its symbolism inspire you to reflect on the extraordinary life and eternal impact of Jesus Christ.

  • This high-quality matte canvas can be used to add color and life to any space. Available in 17 different sizes with both vertical and horizontal orientations. The matte canvas features state of the art printing technology for sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity, will not fade or warp, and comes ready to hang.


  • Printed with UL Certified GREEN GUARD GOLD Ink - reduces indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure.
  • Water resistant matte finish - will not scratch, crack, fade or warp.
  • Anti-yellowing, will not oxidize.
  • Finger jointed, kiln dried stretcher bar is 1.25" depth.
  • Stretcher bar is FSC certified from sustainable forests, knot, sap, and warp free.
  • Ready to hang - arrives with pre-installed sawtooth hanging hardware.
  • Rubber bumpers – protects wall surface and keeps print level.


  • Clean with a dry cloth when needed.