Happy Moments Praise God Difficult Moments Seek God Quiet Moments Worship God Thank God Christmas Greeting Card

Happy Moments Praise God Difficult Moments Seek God Quiet Moments Worship God Painful Moments Trust God Every Moment Thank God Christmas Greeting Card

The design of this greeting card is beautifully themed around Christmas and spirituality. The background of the card features a serene Christmas scene, with a snowy pine tree adorned with decorations. Perched on the tree are Cardinal birds wearing Santa hats, adding a festive touch to the design. This imagery evokes feelings of warmth, joy, and the holiday spirit.
The central focus of the card is a prominent cross, symbolizing the faith and sacrifice associated with Christianity. The cross stands as a reminder of the significance of Jesus Christ and His teachings during the Christmas season.
The greeting card's message is thoughtfully crafted, with each line capturing important sentiments towards God. It begins with "Happy moments, PRAISE GOD," emphasizing the importance of expressing gratitude and praise to God during times of happiness and joy.
The following line reads "Difficult moments, SEEK GOD," reminding the recipient to turn to God for guidance, strength, and comfort during challenging times.
The phrase "Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD" encourages the recipient to find solace and spiritual connection through worship during moments of peace and reflection.
The line "Painful moments, TRUST GOD" reminds the recipient to place their trust in God during times of pain and hardship, acknowledging that God's plan may be beyond our understanding.
Finally, the message concludes with "Every moment, THANK GOD," highlighting the significance of gratitude and thankfulness towards God in every aspect of life.
Overall, this greeting card beautifully combines the festive spirit of Christmas with a deep sense of spirituality. It offers encouragement, gratitude, and a reminder of the importance of faith and trust in God throughout life's moments.

  • Description

    Small gesture, big impact! This 5x7 folded greeting card is a great way to show you care from anywhere. Regardless of the occasion or event, Christmas, Weddings, Valentines Day, Baby Showers, or Retirement Parties. The folded greeting card shows you care.

    • Made in USA
    • Standard Fine Finch 110#
    • Printed on HP Indigo Printers
    • 5x7 portrait orientation
    • Blank white envelope included