Crown Of Thorns Featuring Jesus The Lion And The Lamb-The King Is Coming 3D All Over Print T-Shirt And Hoodie

Crown Of Thorns Featuring Jesus The Lion And The Lamb-The King Is Coming  3D All Over Print T-Shirt, Hoodie, Zip Hoodie, Sweatshirt And Tank Top

  • The meaning of this unique design is based on the lyrics of the film that is very popular: Game of Thrones
  • This 3D all-over print t-shirt features an intricate design inspired by the popular film, Game of Thrones. The centerpiece of the design is a depiction of Jesus as the lion and the lamb, surrounded by a crown of thorns, symbolizing both his humility and his power. The combination of religious imagery and pop culture references creates a uniquely eye-catching design that is sure to turn heads. The phrase "The King Is Coming" adds to the sense of anticipation and drama conveyed by the design. This t-shirt is a must-have for fans of Game of Thrones and those who appreciate powerful and inspiring visuals. So, if you're a fashion-conscious fan looking for a unique addition to your wardrobe, this design is the perfect choice.
  • Material: Polyester - Spandex - Cotton
    Fabric type: Wide fabric
    Weight: 140-300
    Age: 16-65 + Age
    Gender: unisex for both men and women
    For the season: Spring, Autumn, Winter
    Each fully printed shirt is custom printed, cut and sewn just for you when you order it - there may be slight design differences on the seam and/or arm due to the custom nature of the process. production process!
  • AOP Shirts we offer are expertly using 3D print-rich in color, dye-sublimation printing - a complex printing process, all-over printing requires extremely subtle graphic designs beside modern printing techniques. We continuously exhibit the most exclusive aesthetic designs by professional team, which highlights your t-shirts no matter which sophisticated tastes you pursue in personal style. Anytime you take your t-shirt, you will be attracted by delicate combination of colors, patterns and perfect cutting edges, which make you enjoy it like a work of art.